LOST CAVERNS, WV Weekly World News announces its $50,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter! The purpose is to expand our reporting, graphics, and video production. The Weekly World News Kickstarter campaign is already endorsed by many across the universe. It is easy to see why. Men in Black have always said that WWN is the “best investigative journalism on the planet”.

Additionally, our Kickstarter campaign will help us bring back our print edition! This is something our readers continue to request.

We’re offering rewards to those who support our campaign, including WWN Greatest Covers edition for all backers of $20 and above. Manigator, Bigfoot, and P’Lod have already pledged 100% of their loose change!

We are in the caves where Bat Boy was first discovered! BAT BOY WANTS YOU TO SUPPORT OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN because we promised him a HUGE bucket of bugs!

“The World’s Only Reliable News” began as a weekly print publication in 1979. Since then, Weekly World News has become the authority on many topics, especially aliens, mutants, cryptids, conspiracy theories, biblical prophecies, and cutting-edge unique health cures.

We’ve published over 100,000 articles and are the only publication in the world to cover the exploits of Bat Boy, Manigator, The Lake Erie Monster, Ph.D. Ape, P’Lod the Alien, SpyCat, Bigfoot Hooker, and hundreds of other beings.

So, Weekly World News went to an online format in 2009. But ever since the government has colluded with evil aliens hide the truth. No more! We are coming back. Recently, we relaunched under new Editor-In-Chief, Greg D’Alessandro. Greg has a long history of time-travel, alien abductions, and an uncanny ability to talk to dolphins. We want YOU to be part of the new Weekly World News. We need an army of investigative reporters to take on the mainstream media.

As a backer, you – yes, YOU! – can help ensure our future. You can help bring back the honest, independent, and groundbreaking investigative journalism that we all yearn for. If you back us, you can choose from a bevy of fun rewards. And who doesn’t like rewards?!

We could have raised money from massive media companies or wealthy billionaires. But, we do not want to sell our souls. . That’s why we turn our future over to our loyal, brave, and honorable readers. Did you know that studies consistently rank WWN readers as the smartest beings on the planet?!

Speaking of intelligence, here are three fun facts about Weekly World News:

1) Albert Einstein read Weekly World News while riding his bicycle.

2) Neil Armstrong read Weekly World News when he walked on the moon.

3) Elvis is STILL reading Weekly World News in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The alien invasion is underway. There’s a war between The Gootans and The Zeebans. However, there’s one thing they all agree on — we need to bring back Weekly World News. Please support our Kickstarter campaign!

In conclusion… thank you!!

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