NEW YORK—After an AR-15-wielding teenager was charged with the first-degree murder of two protesters in Kenosha, WI, Blue Lives Matter supporters told reporters Thursday that Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions did not reflect the nonviolent tactics favored by most police-state apologists.

“When you see us out there waving ‘thin blue line’ flags and menacing the public with semiautomatic rifles, please know that the majority of us are just peacefully expressing our support for a system in which police officers are allowed to kill with impunity,” said Blue Lives Matter activist Gordon Hamblett, explaining that the movement did not stand for lethal vigilante violence, but rather for lethal state-supported violence carried out in the name of keeping people safe.

“Do we sympathize with this 17-year-old police admirer’s desire to live out a long-nurtured militia-man fantasy of patrolling the streets and administering justice? Certainly. Does the real blame ultimately lie with the people who were shot for failing to obey his orders? Of course. Nonetheless, we cannot condone Rittenhouse’s decision to pull the trigger without a badge.” Hamblett added that anyone who was considering mowing down innocent civilians on a public street should at least enroll in a police academy first.

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