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Dear Loyal, Patriot Readers,

Throughout my esteemed career, I have avoided succumbing to the use of what I consider to be the greatest gimmick in all of cartooning: color. Color is the crutch of no-talent hacks, uninspired wannabes, and artless sickos. Previously reserved for that desolate wasteland referred to with unintentional irony as “the Sunday Funnies,” color has spent the past decades seeping further into every section of our beloved newspapers, becoming a CMYK blot on journalistic integrity.

Sadly, the field of Editorial Cartooning has not been immune to this ostentatious scourge. Flim-flamming money-grubbers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, peddling their gizmos, have brainwashed honest craftsmen into becoming rainbow-vomiting “content creators,” more dedicated to the “beeps” and “boops” of their computers than to sacred cartooning traditions and norms.

I have remained steadfast in my vow to banish not only hues, but also shades of gray from my work. My cartoons are a gift given selflessly to enlighten you to the way I see the world—in stark black-and-white terms…and drawings.

Thus, have I remained resolute…until this week. With a deadline looming and a cold whiskey sour in hand, I looked to the Heavens, as I often do, for inspiration. The vibrant, natural beauty and wonder of the skies adjacent to fire-ravaged landscapes was clearly a sign from beyond that the jubilant season of scarves and jack-’o’-lanterns was upon us.

It was then I knew I must heed the call to echo the expression of the divine in this week’s cartoon. And so, I bestow upon you glorious, life-affirming, freedom-loving ORANGE (0C 50M 100Y 0K)!

Fear not, I have not forsaken my oath, merely provided the exception that proves the rule: Cartoons with color are not worth the newsprint they’re printed on. Except this week.

God bless,

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