Illustration for article titled Baker Mayfield’s Commercial Agent Furious He Continues to Risk Everything By Playing Football

CLEVELAND—Chastising his biggest client’s immaturity and lack of concern for professional obligations, Baker Mayfield’s commercial agent Patrick Hayes told sources Wednesday that he is furious that the quarterback continues to risk his career by playing football. “He’s got millions of dollars on the line, and yet he continues to ignore the risk it poses to his job and spend all his free time playing football,” said Hayes, who warned Mayfield that if he continues to risk his body and mind playing football for fun, he may never set foot on a soundstage ever again. “He’s going to need his brain to memorize scripts. He came into Progressive filming one day after spending all Sunday playing football and could barely remember any of his lines. It’s a distraction, too. If he was really focused on this, we could have him doing Pepsi or Ford.” Hayes added that the talent agency was thinking about adding something in Mayfield’s next contract to ban him from engaging in extracurricular football activities.

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