In an exclusive interview, an astronomer at Palomar Observatory in California told Weekly World News that an asteroid is set to hit earth on November 3rd, election day. This is not the asteroid that is projected to hit Earth on November 2nd. This is an asteroid that governments of the world are trying to hide from the public.

“Asteroid 2018VP1 is set to hit Earth the day before election day,” Prof. John Malley told Weekly World News. “But that is a small asteroid that has a 0.4% of actually having a deep impact on Earth.

“Asteroid 2019XPX5 is the one that we are watching closely. This asteroid is ten times the size of Asteroid 2018VP1 and we predict that it is likely to hit earth.”

The asteroid is 947.3 feet in diameter, according to NASA data, and was first identified at the Palomar Observatory in California two years ago.

Malley said that Asteroid 2019XPX5 has a 67% chance of hitting Russia in a dramatic way. If the asteroid breaks up upon entry – as some believe will happen – then astronomers give the smaller chunk a 22% chance that the asteroid will hit Peoria, Illinois on election day.


“I would be concerned if I lived in Peoria,” Malley said. “But I would not be selling my home or updating my will. There is a chance that this asteroid will bounce off Peoria and ricochet back into outer space.

“An asteroid bounce has never occurred before, but we feel that this asteroid may have the perfect chemical makeup to allow for such a bounce.”

Malley puts chances of an “asteroid bounce” on Peoria at 3%.

There is a chance that the asteroid will just disintegrate when it enters the earth’s atmosphere. The odds of that happening are about 8%.

This all sounds a bit dire for the planet, but Prof. Malley offered some hope. “Elon Musk has volunteered to work with us to create an asteroid killer that will obliterate the asteroid before it gets to Russia, or Peoria.”

“If we can get Elon to focus on this issue for more than a few minutes, than we are sure we can take the asteroid out,” Malley said.


Why would an asteroid be headed to such a specific location as Peoria?

“We never know why an asteroid does what it does,” said Prof. Malley. “They have a mind of their own. Maybe there’s something (or someone) in Peoria that attracts asteroid.

“We won’t know until an asteroid actually hits Peoria.”

Weekly World News will follow this story, with help from the intrepid, award-winning journalists at Peoria Journal Star.

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