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LOS ANGELES—Complaining that successful entry was largely determined by nepotism, aspiring actor Xander Barrick confirmed Thursday he might give up on his dreams after struggling for years to break into Steven Spielberg’s 20,000-square-foot Pacific Palisades compound. “I moved out here in 2017 and have been trying to break in ever since, but there are just so many barriers you have to overcome,” said Barrick, admitting he was optimistic when he first arrived in Hollywood, especially after he landed in a spot on the front lawn and made a brief appearance in Spielberg’s living room window. “Lately, I find myself climbing higher and higher only to fall back down to ground level again. It’s frustrating, because if I could make it in this place, I know people would start noticing me in ways they haven’t before. But it’s just so hard to get your foot in the door.” At press time, several reports indicated Barrick had resolved to break into porn director Dale DaBone’s studio apartment.

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