Brat Pack star Anthony Michael Hall has issued an apology for being a real brat in public.

The Breakfast Club star lost his cool in the pool at the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas after he was asked to turn down his music after other guests complained.

In footage obtained by TMZ, the star appears agitated and splashes water in the direction of the woman filming him on her camera phone.

Hall has now issued a statement, apologizing for the altercation.

“As a result of a misunderstanding and miscommunication between myself and some hotel guests, the situation needlessly and regrettably escalated,” he says in a statement. “I am deeply sorry for my words and actions and ask for forgiveness from anyone who I may have offended.”

Hall has a history of bad tempered misjudgement – he served three years of probation after he was accused of assaulting a Los Angeles neighbour in 2016.

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