Day: January 8, 2021

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD “Jeopardy!” aired its final episode featuring its iconic host Alex Trebek.  Trebek, who passed away at 80-years-old back in November after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, made his final appearance on the long-running game show on Friday. The episode was taped back in October.  The three contestants in Trebek’sRead More →

WASHINGTON—In response to calls for urgent action against the president following the storming of the Capitol by an angry mob, scrambling congressional Democrats announced Friday that they were prepared to start impeachment hearings by April. “American democracy is at stake, which is why we’ve convened an investigatory committee with theRead More →

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January is traditionally a time when people make resolutions for themselves to improve their lives , but the realities and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic are throwing many for a loop. The Onion offers advice for making new year’s resolutions during a pandemic. Don’t stress yourself with far-fetched goals thatRead More →