Day: November 20, 2020

Despite being World Series champions the season before, this team finished 54-108 after trading away outfielders Gary Sheffield and Moisés Alou, third baseman Bobby Bonilla, shortstop Édgar Rentería, manager Jim Leyland, hitting coach Milt May, radio broadcaster Joe Angel, equipment manager Dave Goldstein, scoreboard operator Kenny Crawley, and the entireRead More →

‘It’s So Obvious In Retrospect,’ Say 327 Million Pandemic-Ravaged Americans NEW YORK—Shaking their heads in amazement at their failure to see what had been staring them in the face during the entire pandemic, the nation expressed disbelief Friday that they had spent so long overlooking the obvious solution of encapsulatingRead More →

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Buzzfeed announced plans Thursday to buy news and commentary website HuffPost from Verizon Media, which will become a minority shareholder of the company. What do you think? “This could be the biggest media acquisition of 2012.” Perry Young • Systems Analyst “It’s good that struggling digital media companies are bandingRead More →