Day: October 27, 2020

DID you stupidly think you’d be happy and sorted by the time you got to middle age? Here are some unpleasant realities you weren’t expecting. Renting a flat and being single  A waste of money and a bit lonely. However there might be enough 40-something singleton renters nowadays to forceRead More →

NASA confirmed Monday that chemical analysis reveals the lunar surface harbors multiple pockets of frozen water, including in areas exposed to sunlight, bolstering previous theories about the existence of H2O on the moon. What do you think? “Well, duh, that’s where rain comes from.” Dean Collins • Unemployed “If there’sRead More →

DEVIL DEMANDS REFUND! Over the years, Weekly World News has encountered the Devil aka “Lucifer,” “Satan” and “Scratch” in stories that have spanned the globe. When this reporter received a call from “Lou Scratch,” he realized that it would be a devil of a tale to report. And, so, hoursRead More →