Day: October 15, 2020

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Cristina Cuomo has no regrets about taking that headline-making bleach bath. In fact, it was quite soothing.  Cristina and husband Chris Cuomo were some of the most prominent faces to come forward with their COVID-19 diagnoses at the beginning of the pandemic. While the CNN anchor kept viewers updated onRead More →

Conocé la plataforma Humor 24-7. La primer plataforma de humor de Costa Rica, donde encontrarás nuestra radio en línea, canal de TV y zona de descargas, …sourceRead More →

Polish authorities say a recently discovered 12,000-pound “earthquake” bomb dropped during World War II was accidentally detonated during an attempt to diffuse it on Wednesday, sending up a large plume of water but otherwise causing no injuries or damage. What do you think? “It’s got to be embarrassing for aRead More →

New study shows it had THE PRESIDENT at death’s door! Inspires the start of the MAYO CLINIC Groundbreaking new research reveals that Lincoln’s arteries were so clogged with cholesterol that he would’ve died prior to going to the theatre on April 14, 1865. Apparently, Honest Abe had been eating mayonnaise withRead More →