Day: October 9, 2020

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Two co-dependent high school guys want to hook up with girls before they graduate and go off to different colleges, but, after a calamitous night just trying to buy …sourceRead More →

ALBANY, NY—Expressing outrage that the theater district would remain closed at least through next May, cane-wielding, top-hatted demonstrators pulled New York governor Andrew Cuomo into a kickline Friday to protest the Broadway shutdown. “Step-ball-change, step-ball-change,” chanted the scores of protestors dressed in sequined tuxedos and tails, beginning in a stageRead More →

ONE great privilege of living in an overcrowded, overpriced city is hearing visitors’ stunningly original observations about it. Here are five remarks Londoners just love:  ‘Beer’s more expensive down here’ Thanks to the sky-high commercial rents and the higher cost of living, of course it’s more expensive. You’re paying forRead More →